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Metadata Summary: Hillsborough County Water Body Locations

Dataset Type: GIS/Spatial Data
Name of Data Source: Hillsborough County Water Body Locations
Number of Water Resources Sampled: Unknown
Datasource Abbreviation (dataset): FCCDR_HIL_HYDRO
Description of Datasource: The Hillsborough County Hydrography layer includes water bodies within and bordering Hillsborough County. The features from this layer were extracted from the 1:24,000 USGS/EPA National Hydrography Dataset. The attributes for this layer were modified for use with the Hillsborough County Watershed Atlas.
Method of Transferring Data to the Atlas: Automated transfer via Hillsborough County Atlas
How Often Data is Transferred to the Atlas: Quarterly
Data Current on Atlas as of: 2/1/2008

Disclaimer/Use Constraints: All data obtained from the Atlas are provisional, subject to change and provided without warranty of any kind.

Custodian Information:
University of South Florida Water Institute
GIS Team
Water Atlas Program

Contact Name: Rich Hammond
Contact Phone: 813-974-6023
Contact E-mail: hammond@usf.edu
Contact URL: https://waterinstitute.usf.edu/
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