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The Adopt-A-Pond program helps citizens learn to maintain their neighborhood ponds by providing them with the resources and expertise they need to successfully do so. Get Started ›

Today’s stormwater systems effectively prevent flooding, but they are also efficient conduits of pollutants into surface water bodies. Learn how we all can reduce the quantity of stormwater and lessen the pollutant load in urban runoff. Get Started ›

This online library is a diverse collection of resource materials with research reports, management plans, assessments, conservation tips, website links, videos, and more. Find what you’re looking for using keyword search and filtering options. Get Started ›

In Florida, water issues always seem to be a hot topic. Get the latest, and find out about upcoming opportunities to become involved in water resource conservation. Get Started ›

Find out about upcoming environmental events, recreational outings and volunteer workdays. Opportunities abound for enjoying our waterways and improving our watersheds. Get Started ›

These community projects enhance the health and beauty of our waterways, wetlands, and public areas, and include trash cleanups, invasive removal, oyster habitat creation, vegetation plantings, and more. Get Started ›

View images of Hillsborough County’s people, places, and natural resources, past and present. Get Started ›

Watch and learn about Hillsborough County's waterways, history, people and wildlife... and find new places to explore! Get Started ›