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DOH-HILLSBROUGH issues Water Quality Advisory for Bahia, Davis Island, & E.G. Simmons Park Beaches

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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY – The Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County (DOH-Hillsborough) has issued a water quality advisory for the following locations:

Bahia, Davis Island, and E.G. Simmons Beaches

Tests completed on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, indicate that the water quality at Picnic Island does not meet the recreational water quality criteria for Enterococcus bacteria recommended by the Florida Department of Health.

DOH-Hillsborough advises against any water-related activities at this location due to an increased risk of illness in swimmers. Sampling conducted during regular water quality monitoring showed that the level of bacteria exceeds the level established by state guidelines.

This advisory will continue until bacteria levels are below the accepted health level. Test results are available at Healthy Beaches Program.

For more information call 813-559-4065 or visit FloridaHealth.gov.