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City of Tampa Urban Lakes Rescue Program

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Through a cooperative funding agreement with SWFWMD, the City of Tampa has been installing water quality and habitat improvements at three local lake: Lake Kipling, Lake Edna, and Lake Roberta. Each lake and project is unique which has resulted in unique fixes.

At Lake Kipling, the City installed sediment traps to prevent pollutants from entering the lake and removed sediment from the lake bottom. This project was completed in July 2008.

At Lake Roberta, the City installed a nutrient-separating baffle box to limit the amount of nitrogen and floating debris that gets into the lake. Lake recontouring was performed and resulted in the creation of a littoral shelf which was planted with native vegetation.

The Lake Edna project is ongoing and should be completed in early 2009. Likely project improvements include stormwater swale enhancement and nuisance vegetation removal.

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