Water-Related News

Win a Trash-Catcher for Your Pond or Lake!

The Stormwater Environmental Programs are holding a contest to give away five trash-catching devices to interested pond or lake residents. The device is a net system that floats in the water near a pipe to catch trash that enters the pond or lake. It collects the trash into an area where you can easily clean it out. The additional benefit is that this design has no chance of causing obstructions to drainage since it's placed downstream of the pipe. A Right-of-Way Use permit is not required since the device doesn't attach to the drainage structure. This concept was brought to us by an Adopt-A-Pond volunteer and the design was refined by our staff with help from other volunteers. It's lightweight and unobtrusive.

To enter this contest, you must be part of an Adopt-A-Pond group or live on a lake that participates in the Lake Management Program.

Deadline is 5 pm, March 24th.