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Buckhorn Announces Expansion of Reclaimed Water Program

Tampa, FL March 16, 2012 - Buckhorn Announces Expansion of Reclaimed Water Program

Mayor Buckhorn announced plans to expand the reclaimed water program to residents on Bayshore Boulevard.

"Before the passage of HB 639 last week, we had no certainty that the reclaimed water Tampa’s taxpayers paid to produce would not be unilaterally redirected, but now, we know we can expand our reclaimed infrastructure without concern, thanks in large part to the efforts of Rep. Dana Young. I’m shifting my focus now to expanding our infrastructure so that more residents can use it to water their lawns, creating less of a demand on the Hillsborough River," said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. "And, we will begin by expanding our South Tampa Area Reclaimed program along Bayshore Boulevard later this year."

The expansion will occur along Bayshore Boulevard, connecting homes from Rome to Howard avenues to the reclaimed water infrastructure system. It will also be used to irrigate public parkways along Bayshore. This will aid in conserving Tampa's potable water supply and reduce wastewater discharge into Hillsborough Bay. In total, the City estimates that this will save nearly 22,000 gallons of potable water a day.

The completed project is estimated to cost $600,000. The City of Tampa has accepted a grant for $291,000 from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and will also spend $309,600. The project is scheduled to start in the fall of 2012. This expansion can be accomplished without removal of the asphalt on Bayshore.