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Tampa Water Department to evaluate lead pipes in city after EPA proposal to replace them nationwide

TAMPA – Cities across the nation are inspecting the pipes that go from their water treatment plants to people’s homes, and out of their faucets.

The City of Tampa Water Department says it has been surveying its pipes since 2021 after a $15 billion infrastructure law was passed to replace lead pipes.

"To gather this data of what the lines are made of, we’re gathering historical information, so there’s a lot of information that we have already that we’ve collected over the years, construction records, plumbing regulations of when lead was banned here in the city of Tampa," said Sonia Quinones, a spokesperson for the Tampa Water Department.

On Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency issued lead and copper rule improvements, providing additional guidance for the revised rule that came out in 2021.

There are a lot of old homes in Tampa, but the water department says most homeowners should not be too concerned, because of the way the city treats its water before it makes its way to your faucet and into your glass to drink.